Joining Gesher

Marketing Consultant

  • Department
    Gesher, Inc. Gesher Marketing Inc.
  • Business Overview
    【 Work Overview 】
    Responsible for the sales of database business HELLO, with providing support to the networking of foreign technology and Japan enterprises. Maximizing the profit of clients who requires WEB marketing with the aid of the global digital marketing service tools.

    【 Detailed Description 】
    1. [ HELLO Database Consultant ] Responsible for the sales of Israeli corporate databases. Providing solutions and sufficient information to clients among Israeli corporate.

    2. [ Virtual Innovation Center Consultant ] Providing collaboration and networking supports to Israeli start-up companies. Maximizing the profit of clients by providing solutions from high-technological research of each market to the strategies of market localization and sale tactics.

    3. [ GM Global Consultant ] Providing marketing solutions to clients and enterprises with utilizing global digital marketing services. Maximizing profits and exploring the potential market sectors with internet advertisements and creative strategies.

  • Requirements
    【 Skills 】

    . Great enthusiasm towards new challenges and willing to learn

    . Basic knowledge in the project planning and business strategies

    . Business level English

    . Experienced in using Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint

    【 Preferred Experience 】

    ・Experienced in strategic consultancy business

    ・Experienced in overseas trading business

    ・Experienced in hands-on support of start-up companies and investment consultancy

        in the venture capital

    ・Experienced in digital marketing, e.g. internet advertising and SIer (System Integrator)

    ・Self-motivated and proactive to new business

Engineer / Project Management

  • Department
    Gesher Inc.
  • Business Overview
    【 Work Overview 】
    Responsible for the project management of database HELLO, including site content planning and development; and development of HELLO. 


    【 Detailed Description 】

    1. [ Server Back-end Engineer ] Responsible for the design, management, security and scraping development of database.

    2. [ Project Manager ] Responsible for strategy planning and project content development.

  • Requirements
    【 Skills 】

    ・Experienced in database design

    ・Experienced in data scraping development and application

    ・Experienced in project management of Web Service

    ・Experienced in content development project

    ・Basic level English

    【 Preferred Experience 】

    ・Experienced in the database companies

    ・Able to handle content project with considering UI・UX

    ・Connected with overseas digital media

  • Employment Type
    Full-time or Contact
  • Annual Income (condition)
    Annual Salary + Performance Bonus (Evaluated based on experience and ability according to the company’s regulations)
  • Allowances
    Transportation Expenses, Job allowance, Life plan allowance, etc.
  • Raise
    Annually (April)
  • Bonus
    Annually (Performance bonus / April)
  • Holidays
    2 Full days off (Saturday and Sunday), Public holidays, Consecutive vacations (Refreshment leave), Paid leave, Funeral leave, Year-end and New Year holidays, Volunteer leave, Maternity leave, Parental leave, Nursing care leave, Judge leave, etc.
  • Benefits
    Social Insurance, Employee Holding Association, Financial Savings, Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association, Influenza Vaccination, Gynecological Checkup (Annually), Defined Contribution Pension, Childcare Short-time Work System, Funeral Expense, Retirement Re-employment System, Recreation Center, etc.
  • Other Benefits
    Assisted participation in external seminars, Family day, In-house counseling system, Events (Year-end party, New Year’s party, Cherry blossom viewing, etc.)
  • Work Location
    Head Office: BizSQUARE Tsukiji, Minato 3-10-10, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo

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