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GESHER, Israeli Adtech startup Anzu Virtual RealityLtd, and business alliance aimed at supporting sales strategy in Asian markets

Gechel Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yohei Harada Head Office: Meguro-ku, Tokyo)
Anzu Virtual RealityLtd, an Israeli ad technotechnology company founded in 2016,
(CEO: Ben Fenster Head Office: Tel Aviv, Israel, anzu) and mainly japanese advertisers,
As a sales strategy partner for sales purposes to advertising agencies, DSP companies, and other companies
We have formed a business alliance.

anzu utilizes its own supply-side platform (SSP)
VR/AR games, major PC game platforms and in-app games, home games
Advertising is possible by producing advertising in the ps4 and Xbox.

Unlike traditional in-game net advertising, detailed targeting settings (age, location,
taste interest, games, language, etc.) will be made, and bids will be made by CPM.
It also supports many ad formats, banners, videos, text, company logos, etc.
Can be delivered using.already, in europe and the United States, we have received a lot of achievements and evaluations.
brand safety and advertising viewership (user-watched)
you can also share detailed reports.

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