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Bridge Professional Company GESHER launches Israeli corporate database HELLO

Gechel Co., Ltd. President Yohei Harada Head Office In Minato-ku, Tokyo, We have developed and started sales of “HELLO”, a database website that provides corporate information for databased “Israeli” startups, listed companies, investors, etc.”HELLO” allows you to view approximately 10,000 Israeli company information in Japanese, and you can expect an increase in the speed of information collection compared to foreign databases.In addition to the genres of technology such as “AI” and “Fintech”, it is possible to narrow down corporate information by keyword search using Japanese, it is designed to obtain more accurate information. In addition, video content is also available on the detailpages of each company, and we introduce the business in an easy-to-understand manner not only in the text but also in the visual aspects.Our first design was to provide a system that accelerates collaboration and investment activities, such as bookmarking companies that are interested in them and listing them on the top page. The aim of this database development is to reduce the time and cost for both parties by reducing travel and meetings only for “say hello” and “knowing”.In other words, we want to provide an environment where time and money can be spent more, to speed up decision-making and to prepare and execute POC.

In addition to providing databases, we also help arrange meetings and collaborate and invest in companies of interest, and we support cooperation in Israel in one stop.

HELLO website
*You can apply for a trial account.