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Global Business Company Geschel Global Startup Investor Database Hello 2nd release (database with new functions mainly for Nordic startups)

Geschel Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yohei Harada, Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has developed and started sales of the Nordic Startup investor database "HELLOWORLD". This service, which is the second global startup database, will be able to create your own startup database with the addition of information browsing functions and a new "corporate registration function".

HELLOWORLD : Trial Account Application : Background

"HELLOWORLD" is the second of the global startup investor database provided by Geschel Co., Ltd. The first israeli corporate database, HELLO, aims to streamline research and provide an environment where time and money can be spent on poc preparation and execution. In addition to reducing the cost of research, the second "HELLOWORLD" will be sold from 5,000 yen per month (excluding tax) / person in order to realize a state where information can be acquired at a low cost even under the situation where it is difficult to travel overseas dueto COVID 19. In addition,the "Corporate Registration Function" has been newly added and can be used as a global open innovation database.

About Nordic Startups

Nordic is a hot spot for startups. Sweden has more startups per population than the United States, and with the exception of Silicon Valley, it has the largest number of unicorn companies in the world. Denmark's eighth unicorn company was born in 2021.
Northern Europe places importance on initial investment in education, social welfare, and technology, and the government's support has created an environment that makes it easy to start up new businesses and achieve stable growth. In addition, people in Northern Europe place great importance on the environment, andthere are many startups that tackle the challenges of the SDGs. The Nordic region is small as a market, so we are always looking overseas. Since the system is in place to increase profits in cooperation with overseas markets, Northern Europe is attracting attention as a great region for investing, collaborating, and looking for M&A destinations.

(*Gesher's own survey)

・ About "HELLOWORLD" ■ Characteristics of "HELLOWORLD" 1.



Approximately 10,000 Nordic startups and investor information
We have an exclusive agreement with a local data partner in Northern Europe in the Japanese market, and we hold information on about 10,000 startups and investors in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, etc.

2. Cross-sectional search in Japanese is possible
"HELLOWORLD" provides all information in Japanese.
In addition to free search, it is also possible to narrow down the information registered in the database by tags such as FinTech, SaaS, Healthcare, Enterprise, etc. to perform cross-sectional searches.

3. It is possible to create your own database with the company registration function
You can register information on unpublished companies you have researched in your company in "HELLOWORLD" and search it.
You can stock company information on "HELLOWORLD" and use it as your own corporate database.

4. Video data can be viewed on the database
"HELLOWORLD" has an embedded company introduction video, and you can view the video on the database.
You can save yourself the hassle of searching and see more detailed company information on the fly.

5. Personal contact information of senior management of the company is posted.
HELLOWORLD contains links to linkedIn accounts at top management.
Allows for faster contact than the official site inquiry form.

■ "HELLOWORLD" Information / Company Name
Basic information
Round information
Founder information

■Introduction of "HELLOWORLD" function
Free search
Tag search
Corporate registration and editing functions
Minutes creation and editing function
Contract management function

HELLOWORLD accepts applications for a free trial account.


  • About Geschel Co., Ltd.

We are a venture company that is developing business based on the Internet and global under the theme of "bridge of the world". We operate in four fields: Global Open Innovation, Global Online Promotion, and Global Life Design, and operate overseas startup databases and membership services aimed at realizing global open innovation.

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