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Internet Bridge Company Geschel Co., Ltd. Enters into Official Partner Agreement with Database Site HELLO New Features

Geschel Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Yohei Harada) has signed a cooperative agreement with an Israeli company with a database of more than 10,000 Israeli high-tech companies and investors, and has become an official partner. In the Japanese market, Geschel is the only company that provides Israeli high-tech corporate information in Japanese through its website. HELLO is not only available in Japanese, but it is also possible to "search" in Japanese. In addition, it is also possible to search for Japanese-language English keywords, etc. using tags. (e.g. "fintech", "agritech", "manufacturing").

In addition, the following functions have been added. At the time of release, the information acquisition function was the center, but we added a function that can respond to information management.

Learn more about the new features of the "HELLO" database

1. Management function of whether or not the contract is concluded
2.Preparation and management of minutes
3. Add condition search items (with or without contract, with or without minutes)
4. Partial changes in UI design

In addition to the above, you can get information such as startup and investor overview, funding and investment information, bases, watching introduction videos, and executive and personnel information in the HELLO page.

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Internet Bridge Company Geschel operates and sells hello, a database of Israeli high-tech companies, and the World Technology Center (WTC), which assists in collaboration and investment with the world's most advanced technologies. Geschel Marketing Co., Ltd., a group company, is operating the export business of Japanese food and the global Internet advertising business.

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