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GESHER first phase ends safely, to the second term

Our company was able to finish the first term safely because of the closing of the fiscal year.
This is also thanks to our clients and others.Thank you very much.


Looking back,
In the first term, he often spent time preparing for the business scale, and harada, the representative, was stationed in Israel for about six months.
He lived, worked, played with Israelis there, and made many Israeli startup connections.


Former Samurai Incubation COO Ikegami was appointed as an advisor to organize the company structure and
The representative, such as the visualization of the resource, was able to support the place where it was not reached neatly.


While the representative is stationed in Israel, the sales of the Japanese side are firmly adopted, and existing clients and
We worked hard for new sales and we were able to help each other in a very good year.


The mission that we set at the time of our founding was to create a minimum system in the first term and to make sure that sales were firmly achieved.
We were able to build a system that demanded results more greedyly.


In the second term, the theme of overwhelming results and personnel increases, not to mention the development of Israel,
We intend to continue high-tech scouting in other countries.


We will run all out this year on the theme of "bridge of the world",
Thank you for your continued support!


The photo is taken at an Israeli restaurant in Ekoda, celebrating its first anniversary.