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GESHER to form business alliance with Anzu Virtual Reality Ltd

The israeli ad technology company anzu company which put out the press release the other day
We have started to expand into Japan.
anzu utilizes its own supply-side platform (SSP)
VR/AR games, major PC game platforms and in-app games, home games
(PS4, Xbox) to produce advertising, it is possible to advertise,
By using location information, you can use it during eSports and game events.

Unlike traditional in-game net advertising, detailed targeting settings (age, location,
taste interest, games, language, etc.) will be made, and bids will be made by CPM.
Cpc will also be considered in the future, but since the target is Brandt Enterprises,
I haven’t thought much about it these years.

It also supports many ad formats, banners, videos, text, company logos, etc.
Can be delivered using.already, in europe and the United States, we have received a lot of achievements and evaluations.
it is also introduced as an excellent product at the event of AppNexus.
Supports brand safety and advertising viewership (user-viewing)
you can also share detailed reports.
Currently, we are also developing publishers, mainly major game companies in Japan.
the number of aspects posted at any time.The place of advertising that anzu makes is the stress of the user.
From the game title without “advertising-likeness” because it is published in a position that does not become
We think it’s hard to predict that users will leave.
(We think our ideas are likely to be appreciated by our users.)

In addition, special interactive content in the game
It is also possible to produce.It becomes a separate estimate from the advertising cost,
If you can talk about what you want to do in the game,
We will discuss with the publisher and make a plan as much as possible.

As an image, in digital signage that is prevalent these days,
I think that it is easy to understand if you think that it is published within the game!
In addition, we are still looking for affiliated game companies in Japan,
If you are interested not only advertisers but also game publishers,
Please contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact: Yohei Harada

Video link
(Advertising image)

(Product Description)

Why Anzu? / Unique Sales Points:
1.Full targeting abilities (age, gender, location, language)
2.Real-time brand safety and viewability measurement – more strict impression count logic than IAB & MRC guidelines
3.Available through DSPs or as managed service on our platform – no integration required, zero lead time