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Introduction of Yohei Harada as Founder and CEO of Founder and Ceo Yohei Harada

In this category, we introduce our officers, employees, advisors, and other bridge professionals involved in our company.


Name: Yohei Harada

Position: Founder and Representative Director

Ancestor: Masanao Harada



2013: Joined Digital Garage Co., Ltd.

2018: Geshell Co., Ltd. (now Gechel Marketing) founded.

2020: Gechel Co., Ltd. was founded.

Completed the Entrepreneurship Executive Program at Babson College and Babson University.



After working for a human resources consulting firm, he joined Digital Garage. After working as a group leader in the finance marketing department of the marketing technology company, he founded Gechel Co., Ltd. with the vision of "bridging the world" and became representative director.

He was awarded the DG Credo chapter in 2014 and 2015, and in 2015, he won the Challenge of the Year Semi-Grand Prix. His father was a senior commerce officer at the Embassy of Israel, and Mr. Ken Harada, former director of the Israel Trade Office in Western Japan.


Hi Guys, we are introducing you to Yohei Harada.

Name Yohei Harada

Title: Founder and CEO

Ancestor: Samurai @Tanenao Harada



Human management consulting firm in Japan.

Digital Garage, Inc. Finance Marketing team of Leader in Japan.

Graduated from Babson College Entrepreneurship ExecutiveProgram



He studied Entrepreneurship and Sports management in Japan and the USA.  After he graduated from the university, he joined for Garage Digital, Inc. that is known as IT company in Japan. Digital Garage owns three kinds of business; corporate venture capital, digital marketing, and payment service. He was belonging to digital marketing segment as a sales leader. One of the biggest missions he had was making a gross profit about $1M from new client account within a year. He overcame this mission with developing his own team. His achievement was not only making new gross gross for the company, but also creating new value for the client. He revitalized the brand for bank of Yokohama, the top of local banks in Japan. He has created website, called "Hamatoku" that introduce local information about restaurants and stores. It was amazing win-win project for all the stakeholders. The participating stores can increase the sales through Hamatoku, and the bank of Yokohama can increase the number of their credit card usage.
Thus, he is professional for creating new business in various fields of market. Today, he is active as "Bridge Professional" in GESHER, Inc., and more stories will be updating soon.