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Tech Scout Business Tour

Gesher provides business trip support mainly in Israel, which is called the Silicon Valley in the Middle East.

There are plenty of uncertainties and difficulties upon the first visit of a new country. Our characteristics services are client-oriented, and we provide comprehensive business tour supports which enable our valued clients to strive their success.

Our company also offer business assisting service, including fieldwork, allowing you to have a full picture of Israeli culture and mindsets.


【 Candidates Filtering 】

Based on the clients’ needs, we would investigate and filter the possible candidates, assisting our clients
to make their decisions on choosing suitable companies.


【 Pre-visit Researching 】

Our team will conduct a comprehensive research before the visit, including the cultures, restrictions, and
the business ecology of the country. We will prepare the necessary meeting documents and share with our clients.


【 Upon arrival at Israel 】

We provide a high degree of freedom to our clients and Local assembly/ Local dismissal is primarily adopted.
We could also offer pick-up services from the airport to hotels.


【 Staying in Israel 】

Our clients will be scheduled with different technical visits or business meetings, arranged by our team.
We provide full supports including meeting coordination, essential documents for discussion and negotiation,
with offering translation service if necessary. Of course, we arrange the transportation of our clients
during the trip as well.


【 Post-visit Follow-up 】

After the visit, our team will evaluate the results of meetings with clients.
We provide continuous support and proposals to our clients if necessary.

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