Hi Guys, we are introducing you about Yohei Harada!

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Hi Guys, we are introducing you about Yohei Harada!!

Name: Yohei Harada (原田洋平)

Title: Founder and CEO

Home town: Tokyo

Ancestor: Samurai “Tanenao Harada” (原田種雄)


Entrepreneurship in Babson College

2012 to 2013: Human management consulting firm in Japan.
2013 to 2018: Digital Garage, Inc. Finance Marketing team of Leader in Japan.

When He was student, He studied of Marketing and Entrepreneurship in Japan and Boston.
He focused on how to increase Japanese people to watch professional soccer game in stadium. To solve this topic, he made a survey for my university students. The survey showed that people were interested in watching game in the stadium, but they did not have enough opportunity to try such a first experience.Through this result, he decided to visit primary school and gave the students free tickets which was provided by local soccer team that he negotiated. It made increase more than 2% of customer at the year. This experience tells me that research is the significant method to solve a problem.

His current work experience made me grow up in terms of developing new project and making new gross profit. He was working 5 years for Digital Garage Inc., the famous Japanese IT company. Digital Garage owns three kinds of businesses; corporate venture capital, digital marketing, and payment service. He was belonging to digital marketing segment as a sales leader. One of the biggest mission he had was making gross profit about $1M from new account within a year. He overcame this mission through almost everything he could including hiring new members in my team. his achievement was not only making new gross profit for the company, but also creating new value for DG client. He revitalized the brand for bank of Yokohama, the top of local banks in Japan. They created website, called “Hamatoku” that introduce local information about restaurants and stores. It was amazing win-win project for all the stakeholders. The participating stores can increase the sales through Hamatoku, and the bank of Yokohama can increase the number of their credit card usage.